Why Exhibit?


Outdoor Adventure Expo

Make hay while the sun shines!

Adventure segment is commanding a growing slice of the world tourism market! Adventure segment is growing much faster than any segment of the tourism industry. So, strike every chance you get …… this time, come up to the Himalayas to meet the buyers of the outdoor and adventure sports and travel industry.

Untapped new emerging markets!

GAMCE 2019 is strategically located in the fastest growing region and between China and India. Asia-Pacific Region has most to gain from the spiraling growth and enthusiasm in outdoor and adventure. Nepal itself is a hornet's nest of outdoor and adventure entrepreneurs and professionals!

Buyers from around the world

Hundred of buyers and visitor from all over the world will converge at the GAMCE 2019 this November. Many will come as spill-overs from numerous special events being organized before or soon after GAMCE 2019. Most importantly, GAMCE 2019 will host about 200 international buyers and visitors ………some for air travel and hotel ……..others for only hotel …….. or for FAM excursions. Each hosted visitor is required to make 20 or more pre-scheduled appointments during the course of the Expo.

Himalayan backdrop!

No better location befitting the theme of GAMCE 2019! The destination that has given so many heroes off the screen and on the screen ……….created countless legends and celebrities …………… and far too many stories for thousands of publications, books and films around the world. Come celebrate the world's most popular adventure-land! You may just kick-start the rebuilding the region after the devastating earthquake of 2015. Register Online For GAMCE 2019