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The Himalayan Kayak Race will take place over the course of two days as a post conference event this April in Bhote Koshi River. The Bhote Koshi is the upper river course of the Sun Kosi, known as Poiqu in Tibet. It is part of the Koshi River system in Nepal. The Bhote Kosi is used for both rafting and kayaking. It is the steepest river rafted in Nepal, with a gradient of 15 m per km. Bungee jumping or swinging over the Bhote Kosi has been described as the ‘ultimate experience’. The river carves a steep and direct drop at the top that gradually eases to more placid streams and calmer pools with a 46-km run at the Lamosunga dam. The rapids are class IV-V at high flow, and III at lower levels. The river is steep and continuous with one rapid leading into another.

The whitewater sports event billed as an annual festival will feature a series of kayaking competitions. The Himalayan Kayak Race hopes to attract both local and international participants, from novices to professionals as well as scores of spectators from outdoor and sports enthusiasts from the South Asian region. Every participant gets to choose their level of involvement in the race. The host of competitions include kayak slalom, kayak freestyle, boater cross and down-river races.

Ultimate Descents is the organizer of the event and aims to help outdoor sports enthusiasts reach their full potential by providing them with an opportunity for education, training, and support, both on and off the water.

Athlete Package – US $ 25.00 3rd – 4th April

Visitors Package – US $ 55.00 3rd – 4th April

What to Bring: Sleeping bag

Personal medications

Few shorts and T-shirts (avoid cotton) & sun-screen.


Meg Ale, Ultimate Descents,

megharivers@gmail.com, 9851031431

Himalayan Kayak Race – The Kayaking Event

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