Adventure and mountaineering is commanding a growing slice of the world tourism market. Outdoor adventure activities have far outpaced the growth in general tourism to reach 1.8 billion arrivals in 2030. So, what are you doing to take advantage of the tremendously bullish trend in adventure industry? Come up to the Himalayas at GAMCE 2022 and engage with the outdoor adventure industry whether you are enhancing your profession or networking a partnership, whether gathering knowledge or lobbying for a cause or you may be simply buying or selling. Click here to register for the event.
Who should Meet-up at GAMCE 2022?
  • Outdoor Adventure Sports Lovers, Athletes, Professionals and Businesses
  • Adventure Travel Operators
  • Expedition Organizers
  • Environment Related INGOs and Government Agencies
  • Adventure Sports and Travel Media
  • Adventure Travel Operators
  • Expedition Services
  • Adventure Gear and Equipment Manufacturers, Adventure Sports Companies
  • Adventure Clothing and Accessories Companies
  • Travel and Sports Media