Visa Information

Online visa application:

1. Visa is normally required for most nationalities except Indian nationals. VISA can be obtained on arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport.
2. Indian nationals are required to present some form of ID, i.e., passport, driving license, school ID, etc.
3. If you require an official letter of invitation from the Organizing Committee –  for your VISA application, please email us directly at with your details. We will email you a personalized scan copy of the official letter of invitation.
4. Delegates from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan do not get visa on arrival.
5. The following table indicates the fee required for various duration of Tourist VISA. Children below 10 years are exempt from the visa fee but proof of age is required. Nationals from SAARC countries, who are entering Nepal for the first time, are exempt from any fee for up to 30 days VISA (but VISA application is still required).

Period (Duration) Visa Fee
15 days (Multiple Entry) USD   25.00
30 days (Multiple Entry) USD   40.00
90 days (Multiple Entry) USD 100.00
6. Note:

• Please, bring two passport size photos which are also required for visa upon arrival.
• Please, bring loose cash for your visa fee upon arrival.
• Recommend that you bring photo-copies of your passport.