UIAA Heavy-weights Uplifts GAMCE 2018

GAMCE 2018 will be hosting numerous speakers from UIAA who are international experts in their field of mountaineering and adventure. GAMCE 2018 is going to be a rare occasion bringing the best minds of mountaineering and outdoor adventure in the world. To share their knowledge, expertise and experience with the adventure enthusiasts at the conference.


Some of the notable UIAA speakers who will be speaking are Amit Choudhary and Claudio Meichiorri on “Safety Testing and Accredition of Adventure Gear and Equipment”, Col Haribajan S.Chauhan on “Regional Environmental Policy Regimes”, Juan Jesus Ibanez on “Access Management of Adventure Destinations”, Pier Giorgio Olivetti on “Revolutionary Movement in Eco-friendly Habitat and Culture”, Silvio Calvi on “Training for Skyrunning”, Steve Long on “Training Adventure Leaders for Accidents, Emergencies and Catastrophes”, Tomotsu Nakamura on “Tourism Policy Take-aways from Environmental Research” and others.

About38 members of UIAA leadership including Fritz Vrijlandt who will be in Kathmandu for their own management meeting shall also be attending GAMCE 2018 also. The group consists of representatives from all regions of the world and from all disciplines of mountaineering.

The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), founded in 1932 promotes growth and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide. It does so by preserving their spirit and traditions, advancing safe and ethical mountain practices, promoting responsible access, culture and environmental protection, supporting youth participation and the Olympic movement. It now has a global presence on six continents with 92 member associations in 68 countries representing approximately three million people.

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