Why travel is going to grow exponentially?


Not so long ago, travel and outdoor activities used to be an elitist endeavour for pursue of pleasure. It represented impression of bourgeoisie symbolically and was simply implausible to general people- proletariat.  With the dawn of industrialisation, commercialization of affordable long-distance transportation and ease in communication and mobility, that’s no more the situation in the world which is connected in a way no one could imagine a few centuries ago.

With access to facilities of air-transportation and internet connectivity which became a global phenomenon and started booming rapidly only after the 1980s and 2000s respectively, people have been enjoying instant travel and networking isn’t limited only with people of the same community or region- it is rather international as people can connect with other people living thousands of mile away within a matter of second. Also, the approach to life among people has changed drastically in the past decades. The cliché notion about life, ‘YOLO- You only live once’- can be seen everywhere and has been the ‘living  philosophy’ of the most millennials.

The major factor contributing to this approach is decrease in religiosity among people. Before post- industrial society, the number of religious people was very high and they strictly adhered to their religious dogma. As science started taking over pre-conceived ‘theory of everything’ people started to believe less in their religious scriptures and more behind logic of science. The purpose of life for most people was to serve their god and eventually get place in his heavenly abode as promised by the religion but with the decline of faith, the feeling of meaninglessness has increased and the world is diving into deep state of existential crisis. Hence, travel is no more a luxury for people- it is an essential part of their life.

It is an activity that adds peace to the chaotic life of modern society. It is a thing that makes life more interesting and adds flavour to it. It fills the void of insignificance with a sense of purpose and meaningfulness. Furthermore, it is a means of exploration of the unknown which human nature has always been curious about. The urge of people to know different culture, place, people, and find their belonging in the world made small by technology has been driving tourism like never before.

Moreover, people are getting more knowledgeable about different aspects of life. They are getting more conscious about their connection with nature and everything in the world. They are getting aware of the harmony in this world which could be called neo-paganism sociologically. Most people would answer that their favourite past time or ideal vacation would be spending time with nature. The serene hills, tranquil mountains, soothing rivers and oceans, lush forests- everyone loves to be around it.

People also have known a lot from internet as the flow of data in today’s world is incomparable to what was before. As a study revealed that information added in the year 2017 was equivalent to information collected since 5000 years. Absurd, philosophical and empirical concept has been invading peoples mind. People know many things about everything and the search for meaning of life, purpose of life has risen and that’s become an important question for most. This adds more to the need to travel- explore outside and within.

The rise of adventure travel is growing exponentially because of the particular trend of ‘finding-self’. A new wave of ‘self-realisation’ or goal to create a memorable life at the end makes more sense to people than having materialistic possession. Materialism is still at its peak but the conscience against materialism among people is in its pinnacle as well. Hence, people have started to add more adventure to their life. In fact, the millennials love the word ‘adventure’ and they refer life itself as an adventure, metaphorically.

Technology is credited for everything and the  most noticeable change that it has brought is in the way people travel and communicate.  This has really helped to make adventure and travel very affordable. People will never let go the chance to indulge in experiences that comes in such a low price and unforgettable sensations, simulation, and memory. Given this culture, the industry is bound to grow exponentially and people will spend more proportion of their income to it in coming days.



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