Switchback Mudku MTB ride 2018

Switchback conducted one of the events, Switchback Mudku MTB Ride, on 20th January 2018 from Mudku-Tokha-Budanilkantha. The cross-country ride’s covering 43.6 km total duration was 3-4 hours with an elevation of 816m. The trial for the ride consisted of single, jeep and pitched.


The early morning trail was thrilling with lots of twists and turn. The trial itself has filled with fun which was enough to get the riders going despite the chilly cold morning. The ride was led by national rider Roan Tamang, who secured 5th position in 1st Rakhepa MTB Championship and is qualifying for Asian & SAARC games selection. Despite the injury that he received previously he has been recovering and is trying his best to secure the position and get qualified.


The journey was to be started from 7:00 am in the morning to 11 am starting from assembling at Switchback Apparels in Sanepa.  Then taking off to Mudku then Tokha and back at Reach Switchback Apparels, Sanepa. As the whole ride was focused for the amateur the people who participated considered it easy. The villagers alongside served the riders with good energy. After few rolls, one of the riders had major crash but he was strong enough to go again. The rider was sent back along with the event members for safety. National rider Roan Tamang tried his best to test limits by constantly going at pace in different terrains.


Although, the goal for a ride of 46kms was not met hats off to the riders who went up to 35kms. The riders tried their best to push forward. The overall event was indeed a fun Saturday morning ride exploring new places, embrace health and nature.

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