Topic: A New Approach to the Mountains:Skyrunning

Date: 23rd March

Time: 2:30 PM

Conference Hall: A

About Silvio Calvi:

Silvio Calvi, an engineer and architect, with his office based in Bergamo, Italy, runs projects mainly in Bergamo and Italy, but also abroad. He is interested in mountaineering and mountain people – at first on the home mountains and later in the Alps and the mountains of the world- caring not only for the summits but also for the needs of local people. He was the president of the local section of the Italian Alpine Club and ┬áhas served for 6 years as chairman of the Central Committee of the National Club. He was the member of Executive Board of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (the UIAA) until 2011. Moreover, he has managed projects in mountain areas in Caucasus and Karakorum. He has been sereving as the Vice President of the International Skyrunning federation since 2015. Despite having C-hepatitis, leading to liver transplant, he has been happily continuing mountaineering activities.


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