Himalayan Rush 2018-Triathlon in the Himalayas

Beautiful and brutal is what one speaks of this very particular outdoor adventure which is back this year and is to be held on 31st March 2018 which is about a week after GAMCE 2018. Focused for the Nepali outdoor, Asia based expats, triathlon enthusiasts and athletes seeking challenge and thrill, the event is bound to be an amazing experience for all.Challenging the inevitable of 300 kilometers of Himalayan trials traveled on foot and bicycle, the event attracts about 500 plus athletes from more than 15 countries. This amazing outdoor sport was initiated in 2012 by three outdoor enthusiasts whose aim was to showcase the best of Nepal’s people and trials of the first race that started with 27 people.

The race will be conducted among more than 500 athletes who will have to go through tough trails with crazy views in the Himalayan lake water. Himalayan Rush 2018 was also voted the best off-road triathlon by Asia Tri in 2016.

The event will take place at Begnas in the Pokhara city, the home of sports and adventure Pokhara which has a subtropical climate for a perfect vacation and with a surface elevation of 650m above sea level. There are many different categories of the race such as standard distance race, spring distance, team relay, duathlon, 10 km run and 5km run.

Himalayan Rush

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