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Why should you try Rock Climbing?

There are a ton of advantages to climb as a side interest, and once my knee has completely recuperated, I’ll unquestionably begin all over again. It’s such a fun thing to do, and finding out about the medical advantages, and the mental and enthusiasm is truly beneficial. Climbing can be portrayed as any circumstance where you’re moving up a stone or on the wall. It could be at a climbing gym, a mountain side or a climbing area, or a bouldering wall/rock which is done sideways instead of ascending. Here are some benefits of rock climbing:

  • Physical Benefit

Climbing is a difficult sport as you are using your muscle strength to cling on to the wall. You will end up with stronger arms, thigh muscles, shoulders, back, neck and forearms.

  • Psychological Benefit

It pushes you to your limit and is also known to be a great stress reliever. Goal setting, perseverance and confidence is gained.

Rock Climbing
Man rock climbing at sunset. Rock climbing has become popular in recent years in Nepal and has been embraced as an adventure sport filled with excitement and adrenaline.

Incredible Adventure Sports Event in Nepal

adventure sports gear
A man passionately mountain biking in Upper Mustang. Nepal is a very popular site for mountain biking for the adventure loving people. Passing by the rivers, landscape, mountains and the local people, the rider truly feels the adrenaline rush while biking in the Himalayas.

Adventure Sports Events in 2017

  • Paragliding
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Rock Climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rafting
  • Kayaking

Press Release of Turkish Airlines GAMCE 2017


Dec 21 st , 2017

While the back-end organization, networking and international promotion has been taking place for quite some time, House of Rajkarnicar is finally prepared to make an official announcement in Nepal that the Global Adventure & Mountaineering Conference and Expo 2017 will be held during March 31 st – April 2 nd in Kathmandu. Turkish Airlines GAMCE 2017 is an international forum for exchange of products, services, information and for building consensus on international issues relating to adventure and mountaineering.

GAMCE 2017 is being organized under the patronage of Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Indian Mountaineering Foundation and China Mountaineering Association. It is supported by Turkish Airlines as the Title Sponsor and Official Airlines, WWF as the Knowledge Partner and endorsed by UIAA, UAA, Adventure Tour Operators Association of Nepal of India and the entire Nepalese tourism industry including Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents and the Hotel Association of Nepal. Likewise, it is promoted by publications such as Outside, Backpacker, Action Asia, The Outdoor Journal, Intrepid Explorer and Lide & Hory. GAMCE 2017 has been inspired by the remarkable growth in world adventure sports and tourism.

As per WTO statistics, adventure tourism increased 195 % to $263 billion from 2010 to 2013 compared to general tourism growth of 5 % in the same period. Likewise, share of adventure tourism is expected to grow exponentially given the tourism projection of 1.8 billion arrivals in 2030. Nepal has been chosen as the host country primarily looking at the hard business facts, Nepal is the epicenter of future adventure growth, located between Near East Asia and South East Asia. Asia Pacific share of travel market is expected to grow from 22 % to 30 % in 2030 at the expense of North America and Europe and intra-regional inbound tourism for Asia-pacific is about 73% which translates into 400 million arrivals. Nepal also strategically sits between China and India, the fastest growing economies of the world. International departures from emerging economies are expected to jump from 204 million in 2010 to 541 million in 2030, taking 57 % share of the adventure travel market. Even as we speak, emerging economies have surpassed the developed economies in terms of arrivals. Last but not least, South Asia, though very small compred to Near East or South East Asia market, has the highest growth rate of 6% leading up to 2030.

GAMCE 2017 is also a proactive attempt to recover from the devastation of April 25 th 2015 earthquake. GAMCE 2017 also celebrates Himalayas, one of the world's most endowed adventure destination and the cradle of adventure legends and celebrities. For years, the Himalayas has been inspiring stories and celebrities for newspapers, magazines, books and films but more importantly, it has been a refuge for recreation and rejuvenation for millions of people all around the world. it is about time we give something back to the himalayas!

The conference will focus on three parallel tracks: adventure as sports, adventure as tourism and adventure in the context of the environment. Conference participants are expected to include outdoor and adventure sports lovers, athletes, professionals and businesses, adventure travel operators, expedition organizers, environment related INGOs and government agencies, adventure sports and travel media.

The expo will consist of adventure travel services, expedition travel services, adventure sports gear and accessories (canoes, rafts, kayaks, mountain-bikes, dirt bikes, parachutes, para-gliders, skis, skateboards, surfboards, fishing gear and more), mountaineering harnesses, adventure sportswear and accessories, outdoors products (tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks, camp kitchen products).

GAMCE 2017 will also be complemented by stand-alone independent events such as Himalayan Rush, Trail des 3 Vallees, Himal Race, Himalayan Kayak Race, Himalayan MBT Challenge, Fewa Para-gliding Show.Adventure Photo Expose all taking place around GAMCE dates.

About 200 participants and buyers are expected to attend the Conference and Expo. GAMCE 2017 is a rare opportunity at the adventure hub of the world to meet the entire gamut of adventure industry ….from mountain sports celebrities to outdoor gear manufacturers to adventure travel operators!

Adventure Travel Expo & Outdoor Adventure Travel Show

Outdoor Adventure Expo & Travel and Adventure Show

Meet the entire gamut of adventure industry at one place
from mountain sports celebrities to outdoor gear manufacturers to adventure travel services!

Outdoor adventure expo

House of Rajkarnicar has pioneered the concept of conference and trade exhibitions and have been successfully organizing events, exhibitions and conferences in Nepal and abroad since 1991. Their upcoming event Turkish Airlines Global Adventure and Mountaineering Conference and Expo, Turkish Airlines GAMCE 2017, to be held at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu from the 19th to 21st November will be the first of its kind in Nepal.

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